Sunday, 29 June 2008

Glen Coe

The Bog Cotton is out all over the Glen and I don't know why but I kept thinking as it waved in the breeze that it looked like a tiny army with their wee white banners standing defiantly in the wind. (Must be reading too many Disc World books, I'm expecting to see Wee Pictsies around the next corner.- - - For info on what on earth I'm talking about see Carpe Jugulum or The Wee Free Men etc by Terry Pratchett).

Some brave souls were canoeing at one point, I know it's nearly July but it was only 10'C up there today and there's still snow on the top of some of the hills!

It has been quite dry for a while really as you can see this waterfall called The Grey Mare's Tail is usually quite big but it's not even half full just now.

Went for a drive up through Glen Coe on Sunday. It's where they have filmed lots of stuff, Harry Potter, Highlander , Rob Roy etc. Sun shine with showers is the way I would describe the weather but that just made it more dramatic. You might just see the dogs sitting in the back of the car wondering when we were going to go for a walk?

Saturday, 28 June 2008

The Showroom.

The Granite glaze looks good with the wood ash on these Cut handled Bowls and the Tall Jug above.

I still can't quite get my head round this set up yet, it sort of works if you start from the bottom of this bit but as is, it's like I was walking backwards round the showroom if you know what I mean?!

The pictures don't really show the Cobalt glaze off very well but I think it does complement the wood ash very nicely when you see it up close.

I have finally decided that my hand painted fish pattern beneath will be facing left so there should be no more confusion when all of the right facing pieces have sold (note wine jug).

The TV Dinner bowls with the leather thongs are designed so that you don't burn your hand when eating your food on your lap, you may also need a towel for your knees. (The things you come up with when you've cooked for yourself). And yes the pottery pipes do work if you were wondering. Here in photograph below are some Tulip Vases mainly in the Rutile Blue glaze.

Yes the flowers are real, out of the garden ( well you've got to know that the vases work haven't you).

Big jugs came out nice.

I am told that the Tenmoku (black glaze) is well and truly back in fashion now which is great because I love it.

We have just managed to get the showroom sorted out after the latest firing, Pam came over to help out which is great (She has a really good eye for displaying) so I thought I'd take some photo's.

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Clay Bats?

As one firing is over we must think of the next as is the way with potting, Nicola (who is working with us this summer) and I started making the clay for this months pots this morning but after a few mixes we noticed a large and rather handsome frog walking or should I say jumping by on his way to the pond, as Nicola was watching him she pointed at what looked to me very much like a bunch of leaves and said, "Isn't that a bat?" I stopped the dough mixer and pulled one of the large bins back to get a better look and sure enough it was a very frightened bat with long ears! I am not positive but I think it's what they call a lesser horse shoe bat and it was not very happy where it was so I got a clean towel and gathered it up carefully placing it on the top of one of the stacks of clay bags, some 10 ft off the ground and far enough away from the noise we where making so as not to be too disturbed from its sleep, I had a look at 11pm and it had gone so hopefully it is none the worse for its fall from either the roof or one of the clay bins.

Monday, 23 June 2008

Unpacked kiln.

It's a good one! Nice and hot temperature top and bottom, and even the Tenmoku came out nice this time (it's been a bit too metallic recently). Photo's are of front and back stacks, good wood ash where it is more open to the flame.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Fire Box 1

June Firing.

Well we fired the wood kiln on Friday and I am just itching to get at the pots now! I have had a wee look inside through the spy holes but there is nothing like the anticipation of a months work you can't see!