Sunday, 29 June 2008

Glen Coe

The Bog Cotton is out all over the Glen and I don't know why but I kept thinking as it waved in the breeze that it looked like a tiny army with their wee white banners standing defiantly in the wind. (Must be reading too many Disc World books, I'm expecting to see Wee Pictsies around the next corner.- - - For info on what on earth I'm talking about see Carpe Jugulum or The Wee Free Men etc by Terry Pratchett).

Some brave souls were canoeing at one point, I know it's nearly July but it was only 10'C up there today and there's still snow on the top of some of the hills!

It has been quite dry for a while really as you can see this waterfall called The Grey Mare's Tail is usually quite big but it's not even half full just now.

Went for a drive up through Glen Coe on Sunday. It's where they have filmed lots of stuff, Harry Potter, Highlander , Rob Roy etc. Sun shine with showers is the way I would describe the weather but that just made it more dramatic. You might just see the dogs sitting in the back of the car wondering when we were going to go for a walk?


Ron said...

Wow Alan! What a beautiful world.

Vicki Gill, potter said...

The pictures of the countryside are lovely. And your studio display and work are, as well. I love Terry Pratchett's strange sense of humor. I've read almost all of those books. Very addictive because I can't put it down once I start. All else falls away.