Thursday, 3 July 2008

Death of a Computer?

I was sad and a wee bit shocked when my little laptop refused to do anything on Monday I think I killed it with putting too much stuff on it as for months now it's been saying it was reducing old files to make room but it's not all bad news, just a bit frustrating. I was going to buy a new computer at the end of this summer anyway but as it is I will have to find out where everything is on this new one and exactly how vista works (I liked my old XP). So I hope you will be patient with me as until I can work the photograph side of things (which I suspect will be fairly easy) my blogs will be a bit thin. I hope to get the old on fixed eventually and as all of my e mail addresses are on it I hope no one minds if I don't get back to them as from before Monday but we are very busy right now so it will have to take a back seat for the moment.


Hannah said...

Morning Alan,
Just a quickie, is your kiln dry laid or mortared?
Commiserations on the computer, tis a pain. I bumble around between a few different ones as theyare Paul's work things and he often takes them away on trips (like now) with him so he does kindly leave me with what he would describe as an old bagger. I'd be lost without it though. Good luck with it.

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

Hi again Hannah, sorry I can't e mail the answer to you as I have mislaid your address (in my other computer). The inner heavy bricks are set with a thin coating of fireclay (like double cream) which the bricks are dipped in to before setting in place,any small holes from uneven bricks can be patched with fireclay/sand mix and the shelves over the fire boxes are set with snakes or coils of ball clay to lay them flat but the outer HTIs are just dry set sanding them to fit snug then using the iron work to hold everything up. It's a leap of faith when you first start undoing the arch former but pleasing when it works (you might want to put a hard hat on when doing the arch but it might just get in the way). You have to be extra careful with the first firing not to bash the heavys too much when putting wood in but you shouldn't hit them anyway, try pushing the wood to the back of the fire boxes with another bit of wood or we use an old piece of metal Dexian. (Stops all the extra smoke from charred pokers).