Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Cutting in.

The Forestry commission has just stopped working the top end of the Bonawe walks, they left some of the Larch so instead of the usual devastation they only cut in to the tree line leaving some habitat for the birds etc. (not sure if you can see but Murphy is smiling in this photo). I was finishing pots off, these are what we call Waistcoat Vases and just like the Tulip vases you have to know what you are doing as the section has to be very thin and even.

Here's some I made earlier - not quite finished.

I mark out first.

Then cut the basic shape at a slight angle.

Then trim the rim

Sponge off the pots

Then I fold in the wall on one side

Then it's riveting stuff.

The David Leach style fluting to finish of.

There they are, I see them as either a waistcoat vase or maybe a boot or with these clasp type buttons they have been compared with a Lady's Basque shape.

Here are some finished Granite glazed ones.

I suppose I like them as they are a bit like my personality straight laced, up tight and conforming but hopefully a bit odd, quirky or unusual at the same time.


Hannah said...

I like the analogy at the end,made me laugh. I'd always assumed you'd been inspird by corsets for those pots.
take care.

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

Hi Hannah, Yes I have to admit they do have that connotation to me when I make them - can't think why the bottoms are narrower this time of making I couldn't possibly say how (Might be thought a sexist remark) but something or someone around here must be influencing my work?!?

Paul Jessop said...

No Comment !!

Clay Perry said...

wow.. those are nice

Joe Troncale said...

Thanks for showing us how you do that! I looked at your gallery of pots and was facinated by those. You all do such wonderful work.