Friday, 5 September 2008

Off The Wall.

When Hugh has finished making these tall elegant Posy Pots he slaps them hard with a paddle.
When they are flat on two sides he's ready for the next step.

Believe it or not this is two handles.

Cut like so.
A little water on the shoulders.
Then stick the loops on.

Almost like a 1970's shoulder pads!
When they are dry enough he drills them out.

And they end up like this when fired, I love to mix other things like leather and wood with the pots.

A bit of boot lace works well here.

I know, I know! I went on and on about pulled handles the other week but to every rule there is usually an exception and this is one OK? I like a lot of Coffee in the morning and these hold about a pint so they need a good grip on the handles.

I start off with a coil and roll the butter pat over it then slam it down on the board a few times to make a relaxed shape to form over what in this case is an old film case.

A bit of water on the spot where the handle goes.

Then stick it on.

And we have some French Coffee cup and saucer sets.
There must be a pot of gold under the Pottery as there's a rainbow just on where it is behind the trees in this shot, you probably can't make it out but it's there I saw it just as I was coming back from a walk with the dogs. (This camera is rubbish).

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Hey Alan - really useful stuff! thank you.