Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Animal Cruelty.

This scene sort of tickled me. Not sure it should have as it shows that even when the dogs are not terrorising their toys, Pam is finding some new hideous form of torture for them! (Do you think maybe my dogs are a wee bit spoiled?) P,S, I officially have come down with what I can only describe as "man flu", it can't be just the cold that Nicola has as it feels far worse than she's had to work though. The really bad thing is not being able to breath easily at night and therefore not being able to sleep, OK I know it's just a summer cold and I was only kidding about it being worse than Nx cold but as she's worked though it that means I'll have to too!!! I hate all that diligent work ethics thing don't you? I know, I know, I WILL just keep going though, sniff, sniff.


Ron said...

Those look like fun toys. We can't buy anything like that for Karma as she will 'kill, dismember' and rip the stuffing out in about 10 minutes. She's limited to really hard toys.

You're up late posting Alan.

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

See PS, sniff!

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

Your dog Karma looks like fun but if you think my two don't have their destructive moments, think again! I'm not going to photograph Murphy's bed I'm too ashamed of the state of it, he gnaws the rim and I couldn't leave any beding other than a towel in the plastic liner bcause it'd be in shreds by morning. He is only nine months old though so he may grow out of it, fingers crossed. (HAY! I have just realised that there's something that Bailey the Beagle is a better dog than my Labrador in behavioural terms that is!!! If you've had a Beagle you will know what I'm on about). PPS, I am feeling a wee bit better this morning, "cough, cough".