Thursday, 17 July 2008


To pull or not to pull? That is the question, whether 'ti's nobler in the mind to suffer the torment and anguish of learning this stronger more organic way of handling. or just bung on some grotty extruded band of lifelessness - OK I think you get my drift as to where my loyalties are on this one. Unlike most lazy s*"- whoops I mean some potters these days, here at Argyll Pottery we like to pull our handles even ones that you could easily (and I'm sorry to have to use this sweary word again) extrude, I know it's a bit puritanical of me but as far as I can see, what is the point of going to all the bother of throwing a nice pot and then putting some limp dead fish of a thing from a machine on the side? When you obviously have hands to make a beautiful handle yourself! Let the factories make the bash it out stuff and lets keep the nice real pots for ourselves. (Rant over.)


Deb said...

I share your affection for pulled handles and lifeless extrusions. However, I am not a big fan of the mess of pulling and recently made my last batch of mugs by hand building handles that look kind of pulled to me. If you're interested check out the July 12, Mold and the Art of Zen post . Your photos are beautiful. I think you live in Scotland? I've been to Ireland and fantasize about moving there a lot. Just beautiful.

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

OK Deborah, I can see that of their type they are not a bad handle but I'm still not convinced and if you don't like mess what are you doing playing with mud like this anyway? Lovely dog you have there, Murphy and Bailey (my Lab' & Beagle) would I'm sure get on famously with her.