Thursday, 31 July 2008

Go get Packed.

We are I think ready to pack the kiln now. Lots of finishing including more than a wee bit of hand painting, I made a brush rest for my set some time ago and was asked for one almost straight away so now I make them for the showroom as well.

Hand painting a fish pattern on a bowl.

first we band it.

Then the bodies,

Scratching the definition and putting the dots on the fish's backs.

We paint the cobalt on the clay of the pot before we glaze in the Dolomite white.

But the granite and Tenmoku we paint over the top of the glaze.

Saw Mrs, Toad in the path this evening.

Hope to fire Saturday.

1 comment:

Paul Jessop said...

These pots look great, the lessons in decoration are a real treat.
good luck with the firing.