Saturday, 5 July 2008

New Laptop, Good, Bad, or just (OK I guess?)

I am just getting the hang of this new computer, it is lovely to use but I don't know where half of it is and cannot find some of my soft ware (camera down loads etc), so I hope you will be tolerant if the blogs slow for a while. Top Photo is of Bailey the Beagle doing his "I rule the world" bit (it's a Beagle thing) on our way to pick up the laptop in Glasgow.
I decided to do a cone fish for our Orton cones last firing as well as our usual Cone Dragons. (We like to make a profit out of our Orton Cones rather than just sticking them in to a lump of clay then throwing them away).

Hugh and I did a small collaboration last firing as the local mountain bike club wanted some prizes for their annual races. Hugh made the tall mugs and I decorated them with a biker theme.

The Posy Pots that Nicola made for the last firing have been selling well (I'm not sure why but she seemed to be a wee bit surprised by this? I think they are great.) Sorry about the quality of the photo's but it's the phone camera so they are not too good. (Only soft ware I could find to work just now).


Hannah said...

Like the mountain bikers. A friend made me one with a biker and a sign pointing to the car park at Glentress as that was where I met Paul. Makes me laugh every time I use it.
Did you get your book back? Posted it recorded delivery last week. Hope it's back safe.

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

Thanks Hannah, yes I got it back safe, hope it was useful. Someone else has the lone of it now but I suppose it will end up with me eventually and it's more use than sitting on a shelf.