Thursday, 10 July 2008

Salt Pigs, Small Teapots ETC.

The glaze room doubles up as our damp room at this stage of the making cycle, it feels remarkably colder in here than anywhere else because of the humidity but it really helps to stop any cracked handles or other nasty things happening. Note the bottom pots are sitting on the glaze bins, Teapots & some of Hugh's Oil/Vin's are on one of the clay storage bins, (old freezers that don't work any more but keep the clay damp beautifully).

Cutting and joining the salt pigs, we do them a bit differently to the traditional method, it's a shape my old boss Joe did and I like it simple, modern and old fashioned all at the same time.

I was kind of driving myself crazy with fiddly wee bits today, handling one & a half pint teapots, cutting and joining large salt pigs, turning and handling six pint casseroles, among other things.
Finishing off the spouts with an old Surform blade.


Hannah said...

like the salt pig fashioning. very clever.

Hannah said...

The bit about deciding which pots were worth keeping really takes me back to salt pigs again, I had a nightmare learning to do closed shapes at Jason's, spent a good couple of days collapsing them and I think we got maybe two out of the whole excercise! I think that's what they call a learning curve.