Thursday, 24 July 2008

A Closer Look.

This is the quarry where we get the granite dust for our really great granite glaze, I know I said it was just an excuse to go out on the bike but I did get a nice shot or two of the pier at Taynuilt, it's a lovely old one, shame the ends a bit run down.
But it does have a few grand features like this set of steps, don't you just love the lichen and the design, I bet one or two people have cracked their heads on that edge one the way up though.

Piggy Bank Managers (or should that be Pigagers?) are all but done (I hate lettering).

I seem to have gained an orchid!? The Iris are over but I like the happy accidents of gardens don't you?

This is by the pond in case you were wondering. (Our tea is not that weak!)


Ron said...

Hey Alan, Hope you're feeling better. Beautiful photos. I love the colour of that lichen. Have a good day.

Hannah said...

get some slip trailed lettering on there Mr Gaff, much more fun for you.

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

Thanks, I am feeling a good bit better - still not right but getting there, as for slip trailing I think I remember you need a steady hand for that also if I remember correctly you have to dip the pots in wet slip! I've seen what it can do to even the nicest of pots, a Hannah?

Hannah said...

you could trail onto the clay