Friday, 25 July 2008

Back to my pad.

This is how we normally turn pots (trim them off) just on a leather hard clay pad it is so much easier to turn lots of different sizes this way, the chuck is only needed for especial awkward pots with small rims or no rim at all. I was trying to work out how to make the fuchsia flower in to a hand painting pattern as I was not so pleased with the version I'd done before when Nicola showed me her photo's of when she was in Ireland and she has a beautiful pattern that she's done herself (good these art students aren't they!)
I feel like Rolf Harris ( TV art guru in UK) because I want to say, "Can you guess what it is yet"?

OK, this is still part of the same thing.

Flat on their backs.

Now we are getting somewhere.

These are our wall mounted bird feeders, I know they are small but they really work and I'm not so sure I should let you guys see the design as they are one of out best sellers! But here goes anyway. (Plastic lids are for cutting out the holes in the bottom pot.

This is a picture of one of our string hanging ones (the first one I came up with) it was a cross between a roman gladiators helmet (the fish one) and an ancient British round house.

This is a photograph I took too late in the day to show the birds feeding! as they had had the lot by then. We normally put wild bird seed chitted (soaked in water) over night in the post feeders and just crushed peanuts in the small feeders.

Went for a wee walk with Nicola and the dogs in the evening to clear the pipes, lovely warm, breezy weather. I don't know exactly what has happened but the contrast on my phone camera seems to have gone wrong? I'm working on it.

Unfortunately not much of a sun set as there was a bank of cloud just at the wrong moment. Such is life. My cold seems to be abating but Nx says she's caught it back off me?! Well I knew it would end up being my fault, it usually is.


Paul Jessop said...

Hi Alan, those bird feeders look great, no wonder they are a best seller. You certainally had me wondering what you were making. Rolf Harris was brilliant he must have inspired so many kids including me.

Ron said...

Alan those are brilliant!

Paul Jessop said...

Just cheking in Prior to going to the pub tonite. I thought it might be safer for everyone. Thanks for explaining the chuck to me. I will use that for the Harvest jug I have made today.

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

Well I think Rolf was one of the reasons I started being in to art, (That and all the cute girls that liked to hang around in the art department at school).