Saturday, 19 July 2008

Turning round.

A bit more combing for my slip ware loving friends.
Having thrown and carved the lemon squeezers we then turn and stamp them. The pottery stamp is supposed to be two Scots pines it is derived from the old Appin pottery stamp which was a pair of pine trees sprouting from a rock. The old pottery was up the glen at a little place called Fasnachoich which means growth from a rock. There is a dirty great big Scots pine doing just that just up the hill from there it must be hundreds of years old and when we moved down the road I thought it would be nice to carry on the stamp, well evolve it a wee bit but keep it going if you get my drift.

It might look odd but a good chuck is very handy for turning awkward shapes. The paper is to dry out the chuck and to stop the pots from sticking to it while it's still a bit damp.


Paul Jessop said...

You guys are weired !!

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

Yes I know but in what way do you mean?

Paul Jessop said...

Hi Alan, I had just come back from the pub last night, and I was looking at the picture and I could not work it out.
You guys work so hard it puts me to shame. The views look stunning have fun.

Hannah said...

That then Mr Jessop explains all the random comments from you on everyones blos last night. I should have known!