Sunday, 17 August 2008

All Play and No Work Makes Jack a Poor Boy.

It's great to show the nice side of making pots and I do love what I do and where I live but sometimes you have to just get on and work even if it is Sunday. Made sure the dogs were happy first.
Then got some making done.

Lots of turning pots upside down and cleaning bats.

Covered the big jugs with plastic bags to stop the tops getting too dry for handling.

I got an e mail from James of the USA asking what I use for freeing the bats when I have finished the throwing so here it is, I think it's from a shelving bracket but Hugh uses an old screw driver to leaver the bats off.

It's a bit worn out from use over the years but it still works.

Turning the Chain hangers.

I use a piece of metal banding wire for turning attached to a wooden handle.

The old faithful credit card to finish off, I always carve more from the centre of the base than the edge then the pot will not be a spinner after the firing.

Run your thumb around the edge to get rid of any sharp ragged bits.

The definition lines go where you stop turning on this piece.

The pottery stamp.
Then cutting the holes for the chains.

The finished pot. (I do love pots with very small bases but they are usually so impractical that it's not good to make them, these are to be hung up so there's no problem.)
What it will hopefully look like when it comes out of the firing. These pots are a sort of throw (please excuse the pun) back to the days when we could get macrame' hangers, I think the chain works quite well, you can get them from any garden centre as they are for hanging baskets.

The next thing is a chuck for cut handled bowls.

But you know how that goes (see previous blogs).


Paul Jessop said...

Thanks for the credit card details, can you turn it around so that I can get the long number on the front, so I can buy a pot on line.!!

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

Nay chance pal! It's an old one anyway.

Hannah said...

I think I need to borrow your apprentice lass, got too much to do at the mo, will be working silly hours if I'm not careful. Hope the sun comes out soon to help dry stuff.
Will you do a post on your perfect shape? The jug I mean.

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

What borrow Nx! again tonight I say Nay chance pal, I think we need her here more than you do, good luck with the weather it's stopped me in my tracks as for the jug shape, I don't know I'll think about it. PS, Have you not heard of a dehumidifier? (My eldest brother Nick is an air conditioning engineer so he got me one cheap).