Saturday, 2 August 2008

August Firing.

Here we see a picture of Hugh having a smoke. Heavy reduction from around 1000'C until maturity at 1300'C.
I usually Start the firing about 6:30am then Hugh takes over at about 3:30 - 4:00pm for the reduction stage. It brakes up the day and I get to take the dogs out which I'd not be able to do otherwise.
With this photo you would hardly believe it had been chucking it down with rain on and off most of the day.
Very heavy reduction near top temp'.

I threw and altered this skull shape some time ago, It sits on the corner of the kiln as a deterrent to folk. I say it was the last person to come around to the kiln shed uninvited while I was firing it and ask me stupid questions. I guess I'm not keen on being disturbed while I'm concentrating, I let Nicola have quite a long go at stoking as we slowed for the soak period at 900'C, she was very good and only drifted over the guide temperature a wee bit (if the pots come out ruined we will have someone else to blame now, Ha! Ha!.)

We finished about 10pm and I'm starting to want to see how the pots look already. (Off to bed though just now, it's after midnight).


Hannah said...

hope it's a gud un.

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

Looking through the spy holes it looks OK, bit hot still just now I'll blog some pics tomorrow maybe late evening.