Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Putting video aside for now.

After the technical pain in the neck of my videos I thought you'd like to see something upright. I finished the medium cut handled bowls by turning on a chuck, upright or upside down I mean! (Not on their side).

These don't look too promising do they but I like them when they are finished.
I have said before about using a lid or pot to stop soft pots being distorted by my hand as I hold the pot down on the pad, these bowls & lids can also be used to measure, handy for cups and saucers etc or just keeping it neat.

I use a wire turning tool for inside a foot ring.

Getting the edge.

I like to show the difference of the turned part of the pot as apposed to the thrown.
The lid is a lot shallower so I throw them small as the bowled base will shrink a lot more than the lid (about 5mm in it quarter of an inch).

Turning the lid. I turn most of my pots quite wet so that handles etc are not a problem.

A 4 oz lump for the handle.

I think I said before we don't cross hatch or slip our handles just a bit of water and shougle (rub, agitate) it about until it sticks.
Then press down a bit too.
Start to throw it.

It becomes almost a foot ring as you can use the lid as another bowl.

The finished lid.

I saw this shape in a book, it's a lidded rice bowl but my other name for it is The Cardew bowl, named in honer of the great Michael himself, he made and used one on his journey back though Africa in 1952 - 53 My shape isn't as nice as his but I like it anyway.

We can fit eight on a shelf in the kiln.

Went to drop off some more leaflets on the bike, looks dark and foreboding but it was quite warm and dry.

View from the Pier House Port Appin.

After we came back from the bike ride we tried (in vain) to sort out the video but you can see that below, no we hadn't had anything to drink! Well not until after trying to get it sorted anyway.


Hannah said...

Good vids, eee you make it look so easy Mr G,
I had the video on the side problem and ended up having to download a free kodak programme which lets you wizz them round the right way.

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

Thanks Hannah, I will try to get it but somehow it must stay as a sort of monument to silliness but I am glad that we are still being visited by such eminent celebrities such as yourself Hannah, Re - Ceramic Review this month!!!

Hannah said...

Well you know, I like to please and try hard not to make people feel small in my prescence.