Friday, 15 August 2008

Big Jugs.

These are what we call the Tall Jug shape (OK they are tall but I mean as apposed to the Round bellied Jug shape) they are based on a medieval design which I've sort of taken up and changed (smoothed out) a bit. Did some Tall jugs and medium sized cut handled bowls today. (Nicola shot a wee video of me throwing a bowl so hopefully we might be able to post that after the weekend, she has to fetch her USB lead for her phone camera from home before we can down load it.)

First thing this morning I checked Nx height against the wedging bench and made a wide step for her to do her kneading the clay. See she's not that short, just three inches but that would make a difference so she had another go-.

See much more height.

But this was her reaction to me saying she was still pants! I mean not quite got the hang of it yet. (See knead to learn blog.)


ladyofclay said...

It doesn't look as though your criticism was taken too seriously... or maybe that's a smile of relief that she won't be expected to wear the high heels ?

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

You may have noticed I was standing just far enough away from arms reach when taking this photograph. She's very quick you know. But she is trying, sometimes very trying!