Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Lid for Lamp.

Lamp Lid, PS, Paul no prize for guessing the Cure either but who's this? Need a wee clue? PPS,I'm not one to talk about other folk but have you heard about Hannah being in the Ceramic Review? good one Hannah.


Paul Jessop said...

Alan, i've not gone to the pub yet, so I don't know who that was playing in the background, I'm sure to come up with an idea once I've had a couple of Stella's.
I got my copy of Ceramic review today as well, i've not got around to reading it yet but i gather page 59 has something interesting on it. Hey has your assistant started lying down videoing you at work.

Hannah said...

I could make some very naughty comment there Paul but I'm sure you're able to fill it in for yourself if I do refrain.
Page 59? I'll go have a look, is that Peter Pugger showing off his large machine?

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

So you don't know who it could be Paul? I'd be careful about annoying Hannah, she is a red head and she's got a chain saw now! Also I think Nx needs no explanation from me as to her views (I'd watch out if I were you she'll have them upside down next, for our Australian friends.)

Paul Jessop said...

I still have no idea who that was