Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Finishing off & Tidying up.

Yesterday was a day for finishing off. This is the glaze room which doubles up as a damp room when we are trying to make pots with handles etc that don't want to be dried off too quickly. A day or so after I've used the pad for throwing on (see Cut it Out blog) I can flatten it for turning.
Then trim it off.

If it's still a bit damp for turning I use some news paper to stop pots sticking too much.

I find a plastic lid handy to spread the weight when I'm turning softer pots so that my finger doesn't push through the bottom.

With these TV Dinner Bowls I weigh out the handle clay so that they are even, their a bit big to part pull so I sort of hand build them to shape until they are easier to pull.

We don't cross hatch or score and slip our handles, we just rub some water on to the pot and work the handle from side to side until it sticks, this is much quicker and we have no problem with cracking.
As I said before I use anything to hand to measure things like handles in this case I'm using my thumb.

Cutting off with a credit card.

Drilling out the hole.

Counter sinking the hole.

I finish off with a sponge and then run around it with my fingers. I like to think of a wee Wren or Robin's tail when I make these handles (sometimes reminds me of an old fashioned whistle).

This is a shot of the finished TV Dinner Bowl, I made the first ones for me when I had a flat as an apprentice and I found that they hold just as much as a dinner plate so you can slob out in front of the telly with some spaghetti or what ever in your lap without spilling it. The leather strap is for getting a grip on the pot without burning yourself, also handy for hanging them up.

I thought I'd show you my using the chuck for turning bowls with awkward rims. I get the shape with an old darning needle.
tapping on centre isn't so easy with this shape.

I put a definition line where I stop turning up the side of the pot.

After turning on the left before on the right.
Usually I make between six and twelve.

Murphy decided to help tidy up in the forest too, the rally car club had left an arrow sign behind after the weekend.

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