Thursday, 14 August 2008

Spectacular or What?

The clouds are amazing just now, it doesn't seem to know quite whether it wants to be sunny or clouds, I thought this photo looked quite surreal like the head of a bull or Bison with very straight horns. I came back from the great metropolis of Oban to find the postie had left me a parcel, I recognized Hannah McAndrew's wee duck on the address label and what was inside! The nicest surprise I've had in ages, I really don't see quite why I deserve such a great gift? But all I can say is thank you Hannah, very much! It's even the one I loved most of all the ones she had showing on her blog. I will treasure it always.
Among other things I was throwing bowls we call chain hangers today. I always like to use an old credit card to finish off the belly.
I wonder if I had you fooled, no I didn't use this one and grip it so tight as to crush it! I just forgot it was in my back pocket when I put my jeans in the hot wash and it is useless now - Looks the part though a?
Went to Ballachulish & Onich for a mid season leaflet drop and a go on the bike, that's the Ballachulish bridge in the background (beware of loonies doing the eight some reel in the middle of it at new year! done that one and got beeped by a few cars, where would you be driving to straight after the bells?!?).
The view was as spectacular as ever, just wish I'd stopped to take a photograph when the sun spit the sky on the way back. We did catch a small shower near home but just enough to wet the visors.

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