Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Some Photo's of pots from latest firing.

I am sorry if you think these pictures are a bit small but I've sized them for my web site not this blog so you'll just have to squint or click on the wee magnifying glass sign in the bottom right hand side if you want to see better. I thought that the Lemon squeezers came out rather nicely. And the sugar shakers.
Wood ash was quite strong too.

Some of the tenmoku was a bit borderline stripy (Zebra salt pigs anyone?)

And the Rutile slip hand painting was a little dark (not golden as with some firings).

Nicola's rutile blue 1pt jug is rather special don't you think?

But then I can do jugs too (these are approx' 35cm tall).

Large size fan vases.

The Piggy bank has two kinds of wood ash on it, as it was placed in the middle at the top of the stack there was a blast from the front fire box and the back (which was a bit hotter) as well, this made for a subtly shiny orange ash on the hot side and a much more brown ash from the cooler side.

Cool side,
Hotter side, alright so maybe you can't see it very well here but that's because I'm a potter not a photographer OK! (Also my digital SLR camera with the macro lens has gone funny on me, won't focus properly - VERY annoying).

Wall platters (chargers) are usually popular.

I'm just a wee bit frustrated by my inability to capture the combing on this platter with the camera!

The cut handled platters (I love the look of them in the granite (like it already has a syrup sponge in a pastry casing before you've even cooked in it).

And the tenmoku cut platter is nice and golden (nearer the bottom of the kiln).


Deb said...

Hi Alan, I am very curious about the cut handled platters. When you say cut handled do you mean that the platter is thrown and then the sides of the plate are cut out leaving the handle-or-do you maybe throw another platter and cut handles out of it and attach them? They look so flawlessly done I just can't figure it out.

Ron said...

I wish I could do better at photographing my work too Alan. Lovely pots, I am a big temmoku lover and the platters with the cut handles I like too. Your clay looks great bare with just the flashing and ash.

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

I cut away the rim to leave the handles (no chance of cracked joins there).

Deb said...

Wow, I never would have guessed. Flawless.

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

PS, Ron, we do blend our own clay so that we get a good lot of flashing from the wood ash (even if some folk think it's terracotta that's just faded in the sun light!Ignorance is not bliss sometimes.)