Monday, 25 August 2008

Horses for Courses?

I was doing my advertising bit this morning, I set this out for the Oban Times Review which comes out mid September, We haven't done any classes for a couple of years but as we now have Nicola here I think we can have another go without driving me crazy (my last classes before were too much, ten people and just one me!) Fingers crossed we will get a good response from the locals. In the afternoon I was turning lamps and the tall jugs then handled the jugs.

I will stamp them when they are dry enough.

Still to get their thumb stops which I think gives them a nicer shape as well as making them more usable.

The wee gas kiln was cool enough to unpack (It cools down much too fast for the granite glaze to crystallize properly.)
This evening I went down to the Ardfern turn off where there's a large standing stone about 35 miles south of here which would have been a nice run on the bike if I hadn't been sprayed with oil or hydraulic fluid by a passing lorry just before I got there, I was OK just couldn't see a thing out of my visor! Top speed back was about 40 mph, got frozen, not fun but I didn't see a crashed lorry going back so it couldn't have been break fluid.

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