Tuesday, 22 July 2008

24 seven

The sky and mist are making a load of subtle shades of blue steel greys this morning. I took a photo from the clay store roof deck 24 hours ago (see previous blog), then I realised that you wouldn't have a clue how I'd taken it. I decided to make a roof deck when we built the clay store as it is handy for drying pots (when it's not raining) it also makes a good vantage point.
The steps are getting a bit over grown, must sort it out (on my list of things to do) ---(Along with painting the clay store hand rails).

One other thing I noticed this morning I don't seem to have a website?!??? I know that my web hosting company Warp 9 are usually very good and keep it going 24 - 7 but they have to do maintenance every now and then, on the other hand I got my subs bill the other week and sent off the cheque ASAP, I just hope it got there and this gets sorted out very soon. Just what I don't need at this time of year! (Update, I have been on to Warp 9 and am assured it will be up and running within the hour! Written at 9:34am ) .


Paul Jessop said...


Hannah said...

I was reading your website last night, maybe I accidently broke it. Sorry about that. I did get a bit confused by how many babies your Hugh has got, they seemed to be appearing every other year.
Anyway stop making me jealous with photos of your massive workshop, that's such a man thing. My 12 by 14ft space is plenty big enough - honest!

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

Hi Hannah, No it was the web hosting people, they had suspended my domain name or something? I do wish they would just bill me when they should! Other wise they are really great, I can do just about anything with most pages on the web site, just one or two that I can't touch. As for my workshop well I know that people say it's not the size that matters but what you do with it! On the other hand as with most things if you've got more you should be able to do more with it. (Some times there are not enough hours in the day though, as for Hugh & his other half yes they are rather productive aren't they, one day they will need a bus, they already have a Grand Voyager). PS, I keep meaning to say you might need a bit more room for drying wood if you're firing like us we keep at least a years supply under cover at all times.

Alan from Argyll Pottery said...

PPS, Did I mention, it rains here sometimes?